How digital transformation can boost your business growth - Part 2


4 ways bespoke tech solutions enhance business growth

How digital transformation can boost your business growth

Part 2: 4 ways bespoke tech solutions enhance business growth

In part one we demonstrated how bespoke technology can cut inefficiency and human error from processes, helping you save time, increase sales and improve data integrity. In this second blog, we’re going to explore how the positive impact of these solutions can spread throughout a business, and play a key part in your future growth and success:

       1. Better focus of your energies

Let’s go back to the example of sales quotations from part one. 

You might know how many of your quotes are converted to sales - but do you know what influences that rate? Are you aware why quotes don’t convert, get rejected or get cancelled? 

Using a proposal tool off the shelf won’t give you this level of insight. But a bespoke solution that includes the right analytics technology can. This can give a sales team vital intelligence on where to make improvements, and where to focus their efforts for the biggest gains.

       2. Improved sales pipeline flow

The average sales conversion requires eight different touchpoints. Following up and executing each of these can consume substantial amounts of time and resources within the sales team – time that can be saved by handing some of them over to automated bespoke solutions. 

These can ensure that every lead gets the right contact at precisely the right times, such as quote reminders or requests for feedback, and reduce the risk of them getting missed through human error.

       3. Enhanced data value

Connected to the previous points, a bespoke solution allows you to generate specific feedback from individual customers, so that you can pinpoint exactly what you’re getting right (or wrong, as the case may be). This can be achieved through a personalised interface that encourages customers to give feedback quickly and easily. 

While this might sound like simple common sense, a platform that empowers more customers to deliver their feedback can improve the quality and quantity of information you receive.

       4. Smoother cash flow management

In a world where everything is expected in an instant, many businesses are still lagging behind in how they pay their suppliers, clients and partners – or get paid themselves. This is often because it can be a long and complex process, and one that becomes highly repetitive when large numbers of invoices need to be dealt with. 

This can have a knock-on effect on overall cash flow, but can easily be fixed by a solution that enables automated credit control. By sending reminders and setting up schedules within a system, you can ensure that payments are conducted in a timely manner in both directions, without taking up too much staff time.

In summary

Every business, of course, is different. Some of the examples and use cases that we’ve mentioned in both of these blogs will be more relevant to your business than others. But one thing remains constant: digital transformation, and a bespoke approach to it, is vital to iron out inefficiencies in sales, productivity, data and ultimately your bottom line.

At Creative Intelligence, we specialise in developing these bespoke solutions for businesses just like yours, creating generational change in their growth.