About Us

Who are we

Creative Intelligence is a Business and Technology Consultancy, offering advice and solutions to enable large and small organisations achieve strategic and operational objectives and efficiencies. We build bespoke systems and solutions to exactly fit the business requirements, as we all designing them to suit the intuitive level of the users.

Our Experience

We recognise that different organisations have common types of goals, be they to increase public awareness, financial savings and profits, or implement efficiencies.

Over the years we have worked with large private and public sector organisations as well as small starter businesses and across diverse sectors, including:


Trades - Plumbing, Electrical, Building

Property/Estate Investment, Management and Maintenance


Training Providers


IT Support/Installation Providers

Financial Services

Fashion Design and Textiles


Medical & Healthcare Services - Physiotherapy, Psychology

Achitects and Interior Design


Our experience with different organisations enables us to help clients with new challenges whether common to others or original and unique. There are very few challenges facing businesses that we've not encountered or solved for our clients.


The breadth of our experience covers a broad range of disciplines including:


Accounting and Financial

Project Management

Business Process Analysis

Business Workflow Modelling

Software Development

User Interface Design

Office, Web and Mobile applications

Integration with other systems


Our Missions

Use a smarter and innovative approach to creating a solution to your business needs.

Understand that the purpose of the solution, is to satisfy business requirements and increase efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Apply principles of HCI (Human Computer Interaction) to build more user friendly interfaces, which ensures better usabipty and adoption by users.

Use efficient development cycles to help manage delivery and expectations.


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