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A selection of services provided to clients

Scoping Session and workshops to evaluate current operational life cycle of a company providing winter ski holidays for university students
(Wasteland Ski)

Business Systems consultancy to advise on use and upgrade of financial accounting systems

Property lettings and management eSurveys
(Comfort Homes)

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Whatever you need in terms of business or technology solutions, we can supply an answer for you and a full proposal on how it could be implemented. We will always often consider more than one solution and talk you through them so you can make the choice that is right for you.

We use a variety of methods to elicit requirements where these are open ended or vague, including:

  • Scoping sessions

  • Workshops

  • Written or electronic surveys

  • User groups

  • Interviews

  • Reviews of existing systems and business processes

  • We use established Systems Analysis methodologies and use software engineering techniques and tools to capture, analyse, document and present our assessments, which often provides valuable insight and perspective on business processes and systems.

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