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Simtech Diagnostics Plus

Simtech Diagnostics Plus (PDF)

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Simtech Diagnostics Plus

Simtech Diagnostics Plus is an easy-to-use Internet diagnostic tool that can be run from a windows desktop to help troubleshoot problems with internet access. The program is very small and has been pre-packaged so that you don't need to run any setup routine to install it. This means you should be able to run the tool without administrative access.

Key Features

  • No Setup or Installation routine
  • Does not tamper with your windows system files or registry as it is equiped with the necessary functions.
  • Provides useful diagnostic information on your desktop in case you need to provide technical information to your ISP or IT department
  • Displays other useful information such as your version of Windows, Anti-virus and Email software.
  • Uses universal traffic light visuals to reflect diagnostics results
  • It's totally FREE
  • Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/ME/XP/Vista
  • Screenshot

    Simtech Diagnostics Plus

    Licensing and Price

    Simtech Diagnostics Plus is completely free of charge, for personal and commercial use, and licensed under the Freeware License Agreement.

    If you do wish to show your appreciation and support for its development you can make a donation. Support This Project
    50% of donations go to charity and the remainder are used to fund further development, including requests for development.
    We hope you get good use out of it, and feel free to send us your feedback to software @
    Thank you in advance!

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